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How it works

Clim8 makes any next-to-skin garment completely intelligent and able to MONITOR in real time the skin temperature, ANALYZE the environment, user profile and specific needs, ACTIVATE heat when the comfort temperature drops and REGULATE skin temperature as the user starts and stops activities.

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An intelligent thermal system within a textile pad.

back front heating

Multiple heating zones

Seamlessly integrated into the garment on the most strategic zones.

real time tracking

Real time tracking sensors

Monitoring the user’s skin temperature according to his/her preference.

environment and needs analysis

Environment and needs analysis

Through the app personalized profile.



Removable battery and waterproof embedded technology.

comfort heat tech

All day

As the system activates and deactivates only when needed.

stetch and breathable

Stretch and

For an optimum comfort

A whole digital experience.

personalized profile


On the first use of an intelligent garment powered by clim8, the user creates a profile – because everyone has specific needs. Gender, date of birth, height and weight are characteristics that can change thermal needs.

custom calibration

Calibration & Intelligent heat tech

When the garment is paired to the app for the first time, the calibration will enable the system to define a comfort temperature. Clim8 will automatically start heating when the user is cold, and stop as the activity increases.

manual controller

Manual heat controller

Even if the system is completely intelligent and autonomous to regulate the user’s skin temperature and comfort, clim8 app enables a manual control.

Screenshot of the connection between the shirt and the app

Awards and early praises for clim8.

CES Innovation Award

Wearable Technologies


Finalist of Big Booster

Acceleration Booster


ISPO Gold Winner



ISPO Gold Winner

Performance baselayer


Finalist of Wearable World Cup

Health & Fitness


They are powered by clim8.


Founded in 1946, Odlo is a the world leader in baselayers, has 900 sales outlets worldwide and an e-commerce website. The integrated technology has been awarded at CES Las Vegas and ISPO

The product will be available in stores and on the Odlo e-commerce website starting October 2019.

IT Series

Created in 1996, the French brand IXON has positioned itself very quickly in the motorcycle equipment market to be today leader in France, distributed in more than 50 countries, and in the top 5 equipment suppliers in MotoGP.

The product will be available in stores starting October 2019.

Intelligence Heat

South Korea
Founded in 1973, K2 is a the leading brand in the outdoor korean market, and continues to bring premium and innovative products to the market. With a strong network of more than 300 retail shops and one e-commerce platform, K2 is a premium unmissable brand.

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