Frequently Asked Questions.

Using clim8 technology

This can happen when your Core8 is not charged or fully snapped onto the landing pad or your garment. This problem can happen if the care instructions have not been respected.

This can also naturally occur as your garment ages and the conductive yarn is exposed to normal wear and tear.

If these two conditions are checked and the problem occurs within three months after the date of purchase, please bring back your product to your retailer.

This can happen if you have calibrated a very high temperature (up to 40°) but above this temperature that should not happen. If you feel some very uncomfortable heat, similar to a burn, remove immediately the Core8 and bring the product back to your retailer.

Using clim8 app.

To have a battery full, your Core8 must be charged 120 minutes. To make sure it has reached the maximum energy capacity, you can check the status on your app.

Any Clim8 equipped garment is meant to be worn as a first layer to be next to your skin to monitor your temperature. Clim8 technology has been tested in action, and you can trust it will improve your comfort in the cold., However,it cannot replace an entire outdoor apparel and you should always adapt your equipment to the climatic conditions. You can find some very useful tips and tricks for dressing in the winter on our website.

On the first connection, you will be asked to give basic information about yourself such as size, age, weight or gender. These information are required to create your thermal ID. Every individual has his own thermal needs according to size, age, weight or gender.

Without those information, it is not possible to use Clim8 technology as it is based on an intelligent interpretation of these data and your real-time body temperature.

We are working on improving the User Experience on our app on a daily basis. As a result, a Clim8 app update might occur. Every update will not crush your previous data. Updating the app might take only a few minutes, depending on your wifi connection.

Garment care.

Yes, you can wash your garment, as long as you take the Core8 off before, and respect the care instructions.

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