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Our core values.

clim8 textile


We focus on one of the oldest industry in the world by providing our technology within a textile pad, that is easy to integrate into any next-to-skin garment. We are bringing to the market the next-generation of clothes in partnership with major brands.

clim8 science


The intelligence of the system is brought by powerful algorithms based on human thermal needs and science.
 Clim8 takes into account the user’s specific needs according to the profile, the environment and the activity.

clim8 digital


In the era of personalization, we believe that collecting thermal data to give the right answer to our users is a must.
Our mobile app enables users to track their thermal needs and manually adjust their comfort if they want to.

Why clim8 ?​

Since late 2015, we have dedicated ourselves to bring to the market an intelligent thermal technology that knows exactly how and when to keep people warm. The three clim8 co-founders saw a tremendous need to create an ingredient brand – clim8 – that would combine both Textile and Digital industries. While until now most of intelligent wearables were able to track user’s activities, clim8 provides a technology that monitors, analyzes, activates and regulates accordingly to the user’s specific needs.

The Team


Florian MIGUET, Co-founder and CEO

Florian MIGUET

Chief Executive Officer

Sport, Textile and Distribution
Has more than 15 years of experience in Sports Brands distribution. He has been General Manager Asia/Pacific of a Sports Brands group, managing sales, purchases and marketing.

Julien Gueritee, Co-founder and R&D Director


R&D Director

Thermal Sciences and Innovation
Has a PhD in Thermophysiology and has been studying human temperature regulation, perception and comfort over 10 years. He has also worked on the development of new thermal clothes.

Pierre MOUETTE, Co-founder and CTO


Chief Technology Officer

IOT and Electronic engineering
Has been working in IOTs over 15 years, and has contributed to the development and launch of multiple connected devices.


Stephane Marceau, our mentor

Stephane MARCEAU

Serial Tech Entrepreneur / Tech Investor

Gaelle Guns, our mentor

Gaelle GUNS

Patent expert

Stephan Sahun, our mentor

Stephan SAHUN

Former Innovation and Design Director

Olaf Kasten, our mentor


Startup mentor and Investor

Clim8 team


Florian NICOUD

Marketing & Operations Manager

Florian is a former professional tennis player and mountain lover who brings his expertise in Marketing within the sports industry.

Tharindu Athauda, our Textile Manager

Tharindu ATHAUDA

E-textile Manager

Tharindu is a passionate entrepreneur who strongly believes in technology and its benefit to humans.

Quentin Linder, our Industrial designer

Quentin LINDER

Industrial Designer

Sea lover & former swimmer. Quentin brings his knowledge about design and user experience to keep on having a user-centric approach with our technology.


Mathias VERDON

Head of Engineering

Addicted to scuba diving. Mathias has over 10 years of experience in electronics and software engineering in aeronautics, industrial automation and consumer IoT.


Thomas GEY

Full Stack Dev (intern)

Thomas is a digital enthusiast, especially on artificial intelligence and follows all sports news. He thrives on applying digital to the world of sport.


Nicolas RUBIO

Full Stack Dev (intern)

Nicolas is passionate about sports since he was little. Everyday joker, he brings his expertise in IT.


Tristan FLATOT

Full Stack Dev (intern)

Passionate about motorcycling and new technologies, Tristan loves to apply his experience to the real world. He brings his good mood and his digital expertise to the team.

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clim8 life

At clim8, we are passionate about sports, and we are the first users of our own technology. We want to change the future of outwear by providing textile brands a powerful heating technology that makes their garments completely intelligent and autonomous.

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