clim8: from an idea to a technology


While outdoor apparel brands have focused on insulation technologies over the past years, clim8 founders were truly wondering why there was still no intelligent garments, able to understand who we are and what we really need. Garments that would keep us just at the right temperature while we exercise.

Today, aside from some specialized projects focused on the military, most “intelligent” wearables are still focusing on the basics—tracking users’ activities, sleep. There’s still nothing out there that really benefits and empower the urban dweller or the outdoor enthusiast.

Among activewear and the leading sports brands, the insulation/thermal categories generate the most revenue. Despite heavy consumer demand, these garments still cannot monitor, activate, or regulate temperature for the wearer. With this in mind, we intend at Clim8 to disrupt these categories with a revolutionary technology that can truly respond to the wearer’s specific needs.

The very beginning of clim8

Back in 2015, Florian MIGUET (co-founder and CEO of clim8) was General Manager Asia Pacific for a European Sport group holding. At that time, the brand he was developing was looking into next-generation clothes for athletes: garments that would improve their performance, enable them to stay focus and bring them comfort while they step outside of their comfort zones. But the project was not meant to be, mostly because crossing two different worlds (textile & technology/digital) was a real challenge for the brand. 

From this statement, Florian MIGUET decided to leave his previous life to bring to life the project of clim8. In 2016, this idea of developing an intelligent thermal technology to provide to apparel brands became a reality. Clim8 was meant to be an ingredient brand, a crossover between Textile & Technology. 

In february 2016, Florian MIGUET (15+ years in Textile & Sport Industry), Julien GUERITEE (Ph.D., thermophysiology, worked for sport industry and the French ministry of defence) and Pierre MOUETTE (Electronic Engineer, launched IOT) created the company.  

The first steps to develop the technology

With their different and yet so complementary backgrounds, the three co-founders started to develop prototypes, months after months. And new talents were recruited to go futher (meet the team!). 

Focused on innovation, clim8 has used the ISPO Open Innovation platform to co-developed the technology since its beginning with its end-users and customers (for further information, read this article). Indeed, in late 2016 and early 2017, more than 1800 feedbacks from 6 countries helped us shape and improve clim8 technology. 

Since then…

We have developped a fully functional technology that was integrated into K2 Korea garments for a launch to market in early novembre 2017. We keep on improving the technology to make it durable, stretchable and  lighter.